The presidential debate on 10/09/2016 was proof that the media is full of completely desperate morons who are out of touch with the silent majority voter. We’ve heard that “Trump is done” almost once a month for the last year and a half. EVERY time they announce it, his stock raises and I literally laugh. I’m as shocked that they don’t get it as they are shocked that he keeps rising. They’re all confused and dumbfounded that those deplorable’s like myself only grow and become more content with the pick. The fact that the entire establishment hates him to their cores, means he is the right one to blow up the nonsense that has been happening for far too long.

Politicians have been laundering our taxes into personal financial gain by trading tax dollars to donors for contracts, favors, and promised wealth on the back end via speeches and jobs. How do people who make $175,000 virtually all leave office as millionaires?

I know some very smart people who think Trump is a puppet, but if this past week isn’t proof that he’s not, nothing will. I urge you to think about what has happened to him this entire election cycle. It’s as clear as day that democrats and republicans have tried EVERYTHING in their power to denounce, remove, replace, and destroy his run as soon as they saw he was serious about following through with it.

It won’t work.

It can’t work.

The clearer it gets that the goal is to force their picks, the more people jump on that Trump train.

The status quo is in jeopardy and they’ve fought with everything in their beings & fail, again and again and again. The typical #NeverTrumps withdrew their already half-assed support that they only offered because their constituents MADE them honor their word.

The Dems are terrified and keep saying “it’s over…Okay NOW it’s over…No really, this time it’s over!” He’s gonna ride those horrible predictions all the way to the White House. The corruption of the two parties has been on full display this cycle and people like myself are finally able to show others that we haven’t been crazy the last 4 elections when we stressed how the puppeteers have given us their candidates. Jeb was furious and a bitter mess when his “turn” didn’t come to fruition. Then Rubio thought he was in by default because he’s articulate and has a great smile while stabbing his constituents in the back. These were the picks that the left and right wanted. No one else ever had a chance.

And then it happened. A boisterous, unwavering, unapologetic, extremely wealthy, and successful real estate mogul said f’it. No one seems to have the courage to step up and fight for the citizens who are being robbed by the people they entrusted their votes to, ‘I’ll do it.’ A man who’s unafraid to say what tens of millions are thinking and would say if they had a forum big enough to shout it. Boarders, language, culture. That is what makes a country. Take away any of those elements and you do not have a country, you have a lawless, over populated, holding cell. Since day one, he’s been laughed at, called a buffoon, a racist, sexist, misogynist, Hitler, Tyrant, and been the butt of hacky jokes, but none of those attempts to kill his momentum worked. Why? They’ve even called him a bad business man despite him completing a feat that less than 2000 people worldwide have accomplished in the history of mankind…Become a Billionaire. They try to downplay it by saying his father gave him a $10-$15 million loan. The problem with that premise is that $10-$15 million is 1% of his worth…So again, why use the fuzzy math and insults to try and hurt him? They’ve never made these claims before. The Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world never accused him of racism, but in fact praised him in the past. In the ’80’s Oprah had him on her show asking him when he was going to run. Now everyone is against him. Why now? Because as politically incorrect, impolite, and sometimes even vulgar as he may come across, the people know he’s right. The Trump supporter will overlook it all, nonstop, no matter what is said, because ultimately, he’s the only one who’s correct in his assessment of government corruption, financial waste, poor government negotiations, weak projections from our POTUS on to world leaders, and worst of all, the lack of will to protect our citizens, in attempt to please and be kind to every other countries citizens. He’s a mega business man who doesn’t have to do the work, he just has to be successful in hiring the correct people to get the job done. He’s also a no-nonsense guy that commands the respect of people in the room. People do not say the kinds of things in person that they do on TV, because he means business. He takes care of business. He will do the will of the people and no one could stop him, because that’s what he does.

People ask me why or how I can support him and as obvious as it is to me, they seem genuinely curious and even surprised. They seem to imply that they may have overestimated my intelligence. (maybe they did?) My answer is simple. Growing up, where I grew up, seeing what I’ve seen, experiencing what I’ve experienced. Everyone who knows me know what that history looked like, there’s no need to get into it here. I’ve been through it all from a poverty and racial perspective. I’ve learned about personal responsibility during the process of suffering and overcoming tremendous odds against my success. During those trials, I watched every Alderman, Mayor, and political activist in my neighborhoods rise and become wealthy as our streets got worse. Drugs, crime, and poverty increased as those people smiled and showed up at our doorstep every two years promising to repave the alleys that people were getting robbed and shot in. It was a sham. It is a sham. That aside, the fact that everyone in D.C. that hates Donald Trump, drives me to him, because it assures me with more and more certainty by the minute, that he is the one and only, true, anti establishment candidate. Going forward, this election will force all politicians to represent their constituencies honestly or feel the wrath of the true patriots who will blow up their entire existence to show how much they care about the role of the public and its servants. He has put an unbreakable political machine into a meat grinder and placed them on their knees, at his mercy. Humbled. And should he win, which I am 100% convinced he will, ALL politicians will have to respect the voter and fully understand our power, no matter how deplorable they feel we are. This is the year that political correctness, so called bullying and sensitive buzzwords mattered not. The only thing that mattered was the accountability and pride that our forefathers fought for. All pollsters, all predictions, all pundits and ‘experts,’ all historical references in the year 2016 were thrown out the window of a skyscraper.

This is history in the making.

This is a true democratic-republic at work.

This is the Unbreakable United States of America.