Right now, there is a full scale media war against a political counterpart. They disagree so much with conservative positions that, like a police officer setting up someone they feel is guilty, they think it is okay to plant fake evidence to ensure a conviction. The media is that corrupt cop. This is the same media that literally spends story after story after story sensationalizing “bad cop” headlines, claiming epidemiological fallacies despite the massive statistical contradictions. They then turn around and politically align themselves with other people, no matter the motives, just to ensure their vision of societal remedies come to fruition.

What happens when “news media” throws out any story they can get to assassinate someone they don’t like? Nothing. There’s no accountability.

What should happen to women like Summer Zervos who get caught and are proven to be lying on national television with the intention of slandering a candidate and influencing an election? As extremely Libertarian as I am, there’s no excuse for a nation of laws, based on freedom, to allow some people to impose their personal gripes with the sole intent of endangering the personal freedom of another citizen. Freedom of speech is too valuable to allow that speech to destroy others freedoms. It is our #1 right for a reason, however, formulating false and unsubstantiated, criminal accusations against someone does not fall under the scope of that right. This isn’t a racial shouting match in a public setting. This is the main stream media being involved with the character assassination. It’s criminal and despicable and begs the question…What can a free society do about outright lies being allowed by the media to further a cause? What kind of liability can be made of deceptive practices, should any be proven? We hold companies liable when they have misleading packaging on product they sell. If a contractor says they did something that it turns out not to have been done, there is a claims process in place to hold them responsible. Libel is the answer. There should be required proof of vetting on a story in order to post/print/broadcast, available upon subpoena, should a libel claim be made. Sources should not have to be turned over, but in cases like Ms. Zervos, there was no effort made to substantiate her claims, yet it was picked up by the entire mainstream media as an “accusation.” Even accusations should have some ring of truth, before being plastered as journalism. The FCC‘s Office of Administrative Law Judges should be able to look at the general research made, should a claim be made against a federally licensed broadcaster. I’m not talking about podcasting, blogs, and people with random websites. I’m talking about people who are obtaining licenses for mass media distribution via Federal Public Broadcasting. I’m also not referring to mistakes made. Everyone is susceptible to being mislead or error. That’s what retractions are for.

I think it should be mandatory that all retractions be placed in bold print on the page that the story was displayed, electronically, print, or on air. In other words, if it is a front page story the retraction should be in the exact real estate that the story was placed. If it’s audio, the show should start out in the same time slot with the retraction. This will do two things:

1- It will make people more aware of how many mistakes their trusted publication is prone to making

2- It will serve as its own quality control.

Who would want their name and story on the front page of their main stream media paper/site or radio show?

Journalism was already disgraceful. Now it’s completely laughable. It’s embarrassing when a foreign entity, Wikileaks, is the model of investigative journalism for the United States of America. It’s more so pathetic when the same media who dismiss the Wikileaks email dumps as being private and obtained illegally, turn around and use leaked taxes that were obtained illegally to diminish a candidate. They not only put them on the front of newspapers and media websites, but did so with a timed release, down the stretch of the presidential election. At least Wikileaks announced they were going to do the dump over the summer of 2016. The leaked taxes were known about. The private sexual conversation was known about during the entire primary process.

There were no accusations of sexual assault or racism over the last 10-30 years about Donald Trump. No accusations of sexual misconduct even this entire election cycle.
Now all of the sudden, it’s open season for completely unsubstantiated claims from decades ago. It’s insulting to me that everyone is pretending to not see the difference in the Clinton accusations that have been made repeatedly over the last 20-30 years…
It’s a blatant campaign to end an election via flooding it with fake mud slinging and distract from criminal scandals. If it were just the candidates doing it, I wouldn’t be as disturbed. This is the entire Media piling on like nothing that’s ever happened in the history of the U.S.

It is DEPLORABLE that Trump saying “grab her p***y” is covered 10 to 1 over email admissions to lying to the electorate, knowingly discussing participating in quid pro quo, actively hiding communication with the POTUS about crimes, damaging political foes within their own party, insulting constituents, races, religions, rape accusers, coordinating scandal cover ups with other branches of govt.

It is sick, that the same people who are morally outraged by his words, post about TV shows like Scandal, HTGAWM, Empire, Real Housewives, Love and Hip hop, day time soaps…They glorify this generations version of hip hop that do the same. They tout singers twerking on national TV during award shows. They buy astronomical copies of 50 Shades of Grey. But one man says something about what he can do, and the world screams misogyny???? Did they even listen to the audio? As vulgar as it may be, the context has been characterized. He said “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab ’em by the p—-.” According to her, he never did it to her…Yet the media says he “basically” bragged about committing sexual assault. To who? The other woman that  he said he took furniture shopping called it disgusting that men talk like that, but he did not assault her. So who did he assault? He’s clearly joking and referring to groupies.

This video of The President of The United States of America. It shows him on a plane back in ’08 full of women, not only standing with a full erection, but flaunting it by putting his leg up toward them all as they laughed, yet the news story is his wife, Michelle Obama, saying “I can’t stop thinking about this,” referring to Trump’s comments. “It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.” Not about her husband essentially exposing himself 8 years ago…But Donald Trumps private words about no one in specific, from 10 years ago…