1st the people who hated what Colin Kaepernick did protested, then him not getting a job caused counter protesting. The NFL WILL NOT recover if they continue to allow politics into their sport.

Because of media induced political correctness, people in 2017 are now hesitant to praise the US, because they seem to feel that doing so is a sign of approval to bad things that have happened in the past (and present). They say “I love America!” But can’t stop there without pointing out a shortcoming. If you talk about helping rid the world of Nazism, someone has to talk about slavery. If you talk about being the most powerful nation in the history of the world, someone has to say “yeah on the backs of slaves!” If you talk about the 1st Black President, someone has to say, “yeah but you know they hate him!” That’s not a conversation invitation, those are conversation enders and argument starters.

Trying to guilt an entire race of people and a whole nation when it’s fought a war to correct atrocities will never work. Blood has literally been shed to fight against those wrongs. 

Is there work to do? Of course

Is trying to make an innocent man apologize and admit guilt before having a constructive meeting of minds going to help your cause? Impossible.

It’s the opposite of your cause. It’s unnecessary. The fact that someone’s there means you’re crucifying a person who’s on YOUR SIDE. Why punish him? What’s the gain? The fact that he is at the table means you have an agreement that there is fixing to be done. That person never has and never will feel what you feel. Forcing him to pretend or genuinely apologize for personal gratification is vindictive, demeaning, personally insulting, and outright evil.

If you try to make the flag a race issue, you will lose to patriotism 



You will never get your argument past the barrier or “wall” you build. A true conversation about race has to be allowed to happen with willing participants so that both sides can come up with a solution and figure out how to bring others in to support your ideas. 

If the kneeling was truly about police shootings (which I do not believe) there are many creative, more positive, productive ways to address the plights of Black America: 

  • Promoted, televised local/national town halls
  • Funding actual studies in areas to root out positives and negatives to welfare, extended unemployment assistance, employment, education, quotas, foot patrols vs vehicular patrolling
  • Neighborhood watch-police meet and greet picnics/block parties
  • Funding schools
  • Scholarships
  • Sports programs
  • “Man of the House” incentives
  • Public service announcements encouraging some form of faith, fatherhood and marriage while discouraging single parenthood
  • Volunteer work/philanthropy 
  • Tax incentives for low income two parent households vs tax credits rewarding non tax paying wage mediocrity

Ideas, conversation, corrections, hell interest can’t be sparked until people really want to sit across the table and offer solutions instead of gripes. Racism doesn’t need “awareness” it needs to be addressed with answers. To say someone is bringing awareness is to say that racism isn’t considered to be an issue. That’s a false narrative. Everyone knows it exists. Whether it’s institutional and on a mass stage is what is debated. In 2017, there is no proof, anywhere to back up institutional racism. Carried over byproducts of past racism is a completely different story. A case can definitely be made for residual economic strife from historical wrongdoings. How we handle that depends on whether people want to complain about it or come with answers.

As Black people, we also must be able to internalize and fix what we can fix before attempting to force people to not only accept your premise of modernized, institutionalized oppression, but to make them work within that framework to help you resolve those concerns. Work on self, before pointing at other people’s shortcomings and faults.

In an attempt to destroy the President, the left is destroying a sport that so many loved. Sports are our pastime. That is an escape from news, struggles, pain, work, arguments, conflict…It’s the thing that is supposed to bring people together and rally behind “their” team against another team that has fans rallying behind them. When violence happens as a result, people scoff and say how stupid those people were for ruining the fun of our Collusium-style games. Sportsmanship is shown in the end as a show of respect because it’s supposed to segway us out of the weekend, back into our daily lives, free of negativity or ill will. A reset button.

FORCING people to address something you believe in during their pastime is imposition. Imposition is wrong and narcissistic.  It’s uncreative, selfish, and divisive which is supposed to be the opposite of trying to start “open and honest dialogue.”

Telling me that I’m the one who doesn’t “get it” is a position of pure ignorance and proves that you can’t articulate your own stance. It means that you aren’t incapable or reading and or accepting a difference of opinion. If you can’t offer as many ideas as I have here, but still wish to say I’m wrong, you’re either lazy or intellectually dishonest. I’ve put dozens of hours of thought and research into the topic of bettering my race and have been outreaching for YEARS. If you aren’t part of the solution you are only compounding the problem. There has to be freedom to disagree without name calling or it will divide the nation to the point that only minorities suffer.

We now have a President who defends his country. He is the polar opposite of the former POTUS. Like him or not, he is unapologeticically proud of our country, the anthem, and our flag. This rubs Liberal people the wrong way. NOTHING will stop him from being patriotic. There is a sense of arrogance in this neverending frothing at the mouth bashing of the President that only strengthens his base, adds to his support, increases a distrust of the media, and guarantees him a second term. 

Mark my words.