This country is at a point where we have an entire group of almost half the country that INSISTS on labeling EVERY person……with opposing points of view.

If you fit their agenda they vehemently oppose any profiling or labels to the point that they will call you whatever the indictment is on the subject at hand.

If you’re conservative you’re labeled a racist, misogynist, hateful, bigoted toward Muslims and gay people. Oddly enough, these same people refuse to label an Islamic terrorist who are all literally racist, misogynist, hateful, and bigoted toward all other religions and gay people.

The Liberals refuse to label them for fear of offending the entire religion when the entire religion isn’t to blame or even the topic of discussion. It’s an intellectually dishonest way to change the narrative of an argument and put any opposition on the defensive.
Liberals scream at the top of their lungs for the country’s inclusion of Islam, but trash Christianity at EVERY turn. The ACLU sues catholic hospitals because they don’t believe in abortion, to get rid of public nativity scenes around Christmas time, and prayer in any school setting, then turn around and sue so Muslims have areas and multiple prayer times per day in prisons. Every time terrorists do something they bring up the Inquisition
They refuse to label someone who is an illegal immigrant. They prefer lump the line cutters in with people who came to this country legally, filed for visa’s and or citizenship, then wonder why the people in line get mad and vote against them.
They never even considered the potential of losing. These sore losers are an entire generation of Chicken Little’s. They ranted and raved dangerous rhetoric and are confused as to how that pissed off people and energized them to get out and oppose them. Even worse, they can’t handle people being immune to the name calling. They are so used to their opposition trying to fend off the nasty labels that they have a fit when you don’t react to it. Their response it to try to think of more harmful and damaging insults. Meanings and weights of the words racism, bigot, misogynist etc have been diminished due to massive overuse as a supplement to facts and arguments.

Everyone that the left disagrees with is part of this nation wide epidemic of racist, bigoted, homophobes.

They’ve gotten so extreme that they’re calling women misogynists, Black people racist against other Black people, gay conservatives are traitors…To what? They’re traitors to your liberal cause? This is a sad time in the United States of America.

There’s never been a better time in history to actually be any of these things, because it’s so diluted that hateful people can blend in and never be identified or held accountable. Who will be to blame when a racist and crooked cop kills an innocent Black man? Or a gay man gets beaten by a real hateful homophobe? Or a Muslim gets beaten to death by an angry mob? It’ll be their fault for the acts of course, but yours for camouflaging their hatred because of your lack of imagination, vocabulary, and honesty with people of whom you simply disagree. Your dilution and insincere rhetoric has consequences, but you refuse to acknowledge that, because your pride in the heat of an argument won’t let you hold back from below the belt, Jerry Springer, sensationalist flame throwing, type of name calling.

Unfortunately, media malpractice is the biggest promoter of this type of nonsensical tactic of debate. In 2016, this is what they do.