Racists Chose To Take Us For Granted and failed miserably. The scare tactics of supposedly deporting ALL Mexicans didn’t work and legal immigrants didn’t like being pushed to the back of the line. (No one does) Cuban Americans were disgusted by the romanticizing of a dictating, slaughtering, Castro regime.
Trump got 30% of the Hispanic vote…That’s 3% more than Romney. I personally believe that the number was much higher and that we will never know, because people did not want to be insulted and deal with liberal attacks.
The conservative Latino demo is extremely hard working, patriotic, and Christian. The opposite of who the Democrats appeal to. The left  leaves that demo alone and play the odds that they can tug at the hearts other 70% and that those will vote for them based on a single issue. What is that issue?

Jobs and economy? No

Taxes? No

Christian values? No

2nd amendment? No

Affordable College tuition’s? No

Inner city infrastructure? No

School choice for minorities? No

They placed their bets on Illegal immigration. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION….Yes. They banked on people who broke the law to “relate” to us. Offensive? Just a little? The campaigned on prisons. Based on their arguments, not ALL Black and Latinos go to prison right? While people may know someone illegal, that isn’t high on the list of priorities in day to day life. Legal immigrants do not like being lumped in with those who didn’t have to pay, follow rules, and cast a cloud over everything they work toward on a daily basis.

That, liberal bet was based solely on the fact that the odds also say that they ‘all know someone who will be rounded up and yanked from the grasps of their families.’ (It’s absurd, but it’s what the Liberals actually believe.) they didn’t count on a lack of turnout. Many believe that Liz Warren would have done better. She would have with the Liberal base, but Latinos aren’t generally liberal. They assumed turnout would be high, but it wasn’t. They assumed Black people would not only sympathize, but hold the line that if the evil White man was “racist” toward Mexicans, he MUST be racist toward us, right? Problem is, that claim was never made over the last 40 years about Trump, until he decided to run on the (R) side of the ticket. Had he chose a (D) to put by his name he would have been praised like Joe Biden. Unlike Trump, Biden actually says racist things about Asian, Hispanic, & Black people. It even got him the nick name of ol’ crazy uncle Joe. He got that nick name because he says stupid, sometimes racist things, but in a “lovable” way. He doesn’t know any better. It’s so endearing isn’t it? He gets a pass because he’s a Democrat.

People can blame White evangelicals until they’re blue in the face, but that vote is always conservative. There was not a better, more ‘clean’ candidate than what they had for a nominee last go’round with Mitt. This had nothing to do with them. They voted, but they were NOT the difference makers. The difference makers were Black and Hispanic people finally saying what Trump asked of them back in Michigan “what do you have to lose?” Take a chance on a different approach to problem solving.

The intellectually dishonest will claim that not ALL Black people are poor, not ALL Hispanic people have poor schooling in inner cities. While it is absolutely true that not ALL of anyone is anything specifically, the context is that of changing bad results to positive ones. The topic was literally improving negatives. The Liberals refuse to actually address problems and instead choose platitudes and comforting entire races of Americans by being condescending and talking about our problems, not as problems, but as something they can make us feel better about. It’s gross…There’s no other word for it.

I’m proud that this country has made a decision to stop the nonsense and chose to address problems and not focus on words over actions.