Here’s the problem I have with that guy with over $100,000,000 sitting out as his form of protest. He’s living proof of the OPPOSITE of oppression. The fact that he’s able to sit as a choice COMPLETELY contradicts his protest of an oppressive nation…An oppressive nation like Cuba (led by Castro, who was on his T-Shirt) would never allow him to sit…The way Castro, Un, and leaders of truly oppressive nations treat protesters is simple…you disappear or get made an example of, publicly.
He talked about police being placed on paid leave after shootings (as a negative) as if we are in communist China and we are guilty until proven innocent. He’s arguing for due process of who he percieves as innocent while arguing against it for who he percieves as the guilty. He’s literally protesting both sides of the law. Courts, laws, and facts be damned. 

There are legitimate gripes about injustices happening all over the country, but instead of doing something about it, he does the opposite…he finds the closest seat and takes it. 

People have compared him to Ali. 2 major problems with that:

A-Ali was the best in the world and stood up on principal protesting a war. If the number 20th ranked fighter at the time did it. No one would care. 

B-Ali did tons for the community and civil rights at the time and for the rest of his life speaking and doing. Not sitting. 

Then I heard that idiot DL (who really needs to stick to telling jokes) compare him to Rosa Parks…Wow…I didn’t know she was an extremely rich one percenter, woman raised by “white privileged” parents sitting down while concerned for other the treatment of other people. I thought she was a Black woman who was not about to give up her seat for a White man, protesting racism and civil rights.

Is he speaking out about inner city education? Poverty & unemployment? Record homicide violence perpetrated on ourselves? The complete collapse of the Black family unit? Single parent homes? Churches and community outreach? No he’s using BLM talking points that have no goal, no coherency, no motive other than to get attention. He’s not bringing attention to issues of today, he’s sitting because he has no tomorrow.

The only time people bring him up now is when they talk about how far he’s fallen off and how he’s no where near the player Russell Wilson is.

The irony is that Kaepernick will be sitting and I’m sure this was all a stunt so he has an excuse as to why he didn’t get the starting roll again. He wasn’t protesting last year when all of these protests and shootings began getting national attention. Why now? For attention…Last year he was calling players niggers, this year he’s MLK wearing a Malcolm X T-Shirt and cap…