People seem to think I’m a Republican based on my Facebook posts…

I’m not.

While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, by any means, Politically, I’m closer to Dr. Michael Savage then I am anything. I’m a true Conservative Independent. I don’t care for most in the Republican Party, because they don’t stick to their platform and continue to try and match free giveaways with the Dems. They care more about offending certain people then helping those very same people.

I don’t align with Democrats at all. That’s why I ride them the way I do.

If you look at the election madness and my crazy amount of posts, they were fully against the R and D.

I only vote Republican, when I do, because they align a little closer to how I think the poor can uprise from lower class citizenship. The ONLY way is each one teach one. Unlike their biggest foe, the R lemmings ignore color and actually treat people with dignity. Identify a man by his merit, not color. Their foe keeps them in a slave box that starts their judgement first by who they have sex with, then the gender that they feel they want to be, then the color of their skin, and finally by who they are and their worth to society. While this party absolutely fought for the rights of minorities for over 100 years, they’re slowly forgetting the country’s history and find themselves growing closer and closer to the slave masters who lost decades of battles and an actual war. They’ve turned on the only platform that can actually embolden, family, education, pride, entrepreneurship, and self sufficiency amongst the poor in the U.S.  They’re now, not only okay with redistribution as a means to hurting the poor by proxy of another man’s earnings, but they completely collapse under the pressure of identity politics. Instead of forging ahead and ignoring the poison and mass universal enslavement for the ballot box, the Repulican Party is on the constant defense against being perceived as racist, homophobe, bigoted, rich people with ill intent. When they fought for the freedom of slaves, they did it because it was the right thing to do, not because of the perception of the people

. Now they’ve folded like a clean towel in the beach, stuck in a world of appeasement.

The Democrat Party has a deep deep deep rooted history of enslaving Black people, then segregation, then creating and using the KKK 60 or so years ago, then lynching, then combatting and voting against all civil rights acts, and has attempted to rewrite history an pin it on their opposition.

Today they fight school choice in the only places it matters and is needed most…Inner cities. It doesn’t affect them, because the the children of the “elite” have schools that are just fine. The closest to your home system works where they live and in their gated communities. What’s the problem? It works for them. How’s that work in DC Chicago, NYC, STL, NO, LA, BAL, DET?

The Liberal answer is ALWAYS money…Always has been. Give a school, located in hell, enough money and it will somehow make the children inside them forget that they have to leave the building and walk through hell to get to their broken homes.

*Read this carefully*

Instead of admitting and owning it and BEGGING for forgiveness and expressing true remorse, they unapologetically blame it on the party that fought tooth and nail to eliminate all of the Democrat’s crimes against humanity.

Instead of saying they’ve changed their ways, they simply pretend it never happened and blame it on the southern region, instead of what they’re founded upon…

They have successfully convinced their slaves to entrust them with their families, homes, schools, finances, employment etc…All in exchange for a simple vote.

It’s the biggest con in the history of civilization and I’m lucky enough to live outside of that Matrix. I will continue to post how I post in hopes that someone will take the correct colored pill and actually research some of the stuff I put out in this silly little cyber-world, run by our cellphones

*Stay awake

*Stay open

*Stay informed