“As I walk through Brooklyn, Compton or whatever,I wonder why black folks don’t wanna stick together.

We talk about justice, and how little we get,

yet black men be killin’ black men for talkin’ shit… (right… Right…)

(“Here’s the one, that one that always talkin’ shit…”)

[gun shots]

How in the hell we supposed to wage war against the powers that be,

when we are still our own worst enemy?”

~Masta Ace

The Slaughtahouse album
He has three great songs on that album that speak on bad “Hip Hop/rap” music and he makes very strong political statements about Black people and the issues from ’93 that sadly still apply today.

Track 1A Walk Through The Valley

Track 2Slaughtahouse (Diggadome)

And the track that this quote came from:

Track 5The Big East

He put together some of the best, all time Hip Hop versus that address racial and cultural issues of the Black community