People ask why the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was hated by some, but loved by others. The people who loved it, obviously have a completely different outlook than the ones who hated it. But why is that?

I’ve narrowed it down to how we see our President and the role of the office:

  • The left entrusted and embraced the POTUS with a father figure leadership style, who guided them through points of time, positive or negative. Repercussions aren’t as important as the intent of acts.
  • The right embraces a POTUS who displays a leadership style in that he trusts that they know right from wrong and allows them to make decisions accordingly. Repercussions are the result of those decisions.

One side thinks the things below will hurt the country. 

The other misses the time where the following things were frowned upon and are excited at the thought that they will be implemented by the new administration and its new approach to leading.

Here are 20 differences that I see between the two camps:

  1. No more blaming Bush.
  2. No more blaming Russia.
  3. No more blame period…Just action to solve problems.
  4. No more platitudes, just solutions allowed.
  5. No more status quo in D.C.
  6. No more demonizing success and more trying to emulate it and learn from others results.
  7. No more arrogance and being told that all negative acts perpetrated by select individuals or groups in the U.S. are other people’s ancestral responsibility, while simultaneously making excuses for people who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own decisions.
  8. No more trying to permanently supplement people’s mistakes, morally or financially, without deadlines for actions to correct those bad mistakes or decisions.
  9. No more hearing that Rahm has done a good job creating job training programs that will curb an ever growing homicide rate…
  10. No more POTUS referring to the 1250’s as a moral equivalence after every ISIS attack for fear that Christians dare condemn Islamic fundamentalists.
  11. No more being asked not to rush to judgement after a terror act but rushing to judgement on racially driven stories.
  12. No more calling for calm and denouncing retaliation against Muslims in response to a terror act, as if that’s EVER happened.
  13. No more being told that Black people can’t get photo ID’s as a disguise to allow illegal alien voter fraud.
  14. No more welfare for ANY non citizens.
  15. No more being told that people burning down their own parts of cities for ANY REASON is a natural course of frustration and shouldn’t be looked down upon.
  16. No more ignoring the terrifying absence of fathers in the Black community and its direct correlation to poverty, crime, lack of education, drug dealing, gang activity, teen pregnancies etc…
  17. No more tying in EVERY groups problems to the civil rights movement. Illegal aliens & homosexuality are NOT comparable to the Black historical plights in this country.
  18. No more coddling anyone over the age of 18. Suck it up.
  19. No more safe zones, participation trophies, or allowing the silencing of opposition on school campuses.
  20. It’s time to treat adults like adults and allow children to be children.