It’s odd…There’s a political/racial part to this rant and then a simple celebrity aspect…Let’s start with fame.

I’ve had enough with the fake anger and moral high horse people are on about a man talking to another man about sex with a woman/women. It’s time to look in the mirror and stop pretending everything is offensive or has an ulterior motive designed to promote misogyny, racism etc…I’m not a woman so I can’t speak for them, but sex talk is something virtually every male in the human race has done. It’s literally the definition of locker room talk and I’m not speaking in generalities. If your man says he hasn’t talked to his friends like that, 99.9999 times out of 100 you have yourself a liar…It’s not misogyny, it’s not even disrespectful in the context of being a private conversation with another man with no specificity. It’s distasteful and vulgar, only because it’s been played aloud for the world to hear, but the topic itself is nothing every TMZ, Real Housewives, Love and Hip Hop, tabloid, celeb. website, or soap opera rag on the stand in your local grocery line, talks about when they talk about actors, athletes, and other celebrities being able to have many women or groupies. It’s a reality that may not sound good or morally appeal to everyone, but absolutely happens, regularly, with willing, consensual adults. Professional sports dedicate full programs for rookies to discuss how to handle the money, fame, and women that appear with fame. It’s been celebrated with famous bachelors like a single Clooney, Pitt, Newman, Sinatra, Namath, Elvis, Prince Chamberlain, Magic etc…These were all charming or just ladies men? What do you think that means? Let’s not act holier than thou all of the sudden because it’s a billionaire that you don’t like and not a Hollywood hunk on the cover of GQ. Let’s not condemn, then act like Kardashian’s have talent as they move from star to star and get increasing fame and ratings for their show. Anna Nichole was with a man three times her age and it was put on television. Hefner has had just about every Hollywood star visit the Playboy mansion, for decades when he was healthy. Hell, there’s a video clip available right now that shows Bill Clinton sticking his hand between a flight attendants legs available right now online. Letterman had them all on his show, now he calls for Trumps resignation based on those words? And this makes sense, how?

Do I agree with all of the people in the references or topics I just listed? No.

Do I like the shows or even read the sources I just listed? No.

Does it mean that it is okay to now demonize private conversation that doesn’t involve or even discuss someone specifically, simply because the topic is sex? Absolutely not. What country is this again? Turn off your TV, computer, and phone data, if you don’t want your kids to access the reality or conversation of adult sex, but do not act surprised or offended or like you’ve never heard what Donald Trump said about the women he was speaking about in that context. It’s dishonest. BTW, it’s your news sources that are playing his tape for all to hear, not a tabloid site. Are you going to put a parental block on CNN?

Moving on to politics and race-

This whole “October Surprise” about Trump talking about sex is mind boggling…People are actually comparing what he SAID to what Bill and Hillary Clinton DID.

I’m leaning, more and more, toward Liberalism being a mental disorder. A phrase the great Dr. Savage once coined…

When it’s Hillary’s or Huma’s husband’s actual sexcapades & crimes, they are strong women dealing with addicts. It’s a

“private issue between a husband and wife. It was a vast right wing conspiracy. It was about sex, not lying under oath. They are in our prayers…We shouldn’t cast stones. Aren’t here to judge…Allow them space to deal with their marital issues” etc…With no mention or recollection of the wives efforts in covering up what the husbands did. “It must’ve been so humiliating.”

When it’s private sex talk of a married man about groupies, those same people call him a woman hating misogynist, promoting sexual assault, and morally reprehensible, with some even quoting bible verses…BTW none of them even pretend to muster the courage to mention Trump’s wife, Melania, at all…They do not care.

Real, every day people see through this nonsensical political strategy and the only people this affects are the #NeverTrump people who felt this way before the 10 year old recording came out.

This is the attraction to Trump. This is why he’s garnering the support he is getting and why he’s consistently getting massive turnout to his speeches. There’s a level of disgraceful, intellectual dishonesty to this newly displayed faux outrage. Politicians and their average supporters are totally fine with the corruption as long as their special interests are covered. There is also an uprising of people who say they want change, but don’t really mean it. They say they want to uproot corruption and blow up the status quo, but then consistently post support on social media for the typical generic politician as long as he/she satisfies the party and religious demands that they claim are important…Even if it means laying their entire platform into the hands of someone who stands for everything that goes against their belief system.

It truly is fascinating to watch Black people that are supporting Planned Parenthood advocating, 3 strike creating, immigration flip flopping, scandal ridden, KKK mentor having, entitlement promising candidates. The only requirement for their support is that they pay lip service to the community and never criticize anything negative in our community without 1st paying a compliment…No matter what the context of the conversation…In other words. If you’re talking about the murder rate and drug epidemics, you must preface with “not all Black people do drugs or are violent! Most are good, honest, law abiding, hard working people!” as if that wouldn’t be the natural assumption of an onlooker to the discussion. It’s, seemingly, the only way to not offend minorities. Because the Liberals use those buzz word prefaces, they are allowed to, literally, have stances that go completely against the nature of the faith those communities claim to hold. They fog it with “it’s a complicated issue” when in fact it’s very cut and dry…The poorest of the poor minority neighborhoods have, in most cases, been run by establishment Democrat governments for decades with no improvement, and even show declines in most cases, in almost every economical, educational, criminal aspect of the communities. As long as they verbally proclaim allegiance and  speak with political correctness, results of their actions are unnecessary.

Until the obvious elements of the country’s problems are addressed, nothing will ever change…


It starts with personal responsibility and not being hypocrites when addressing political issues of the day. If you’re a life long Democrat, don’t cry foul, then promote the same…You don’t want change, you want to sound like you want change to sound informed. It’s the hip way to feel now, but you won’t put your money where your mouth is. Supporting Hillary Clinton is the Black mans Stockholm Syndrome. We complain about prison sentencing, but Hillary’s husband implemented three strikes, put away those “super predators,” and increased police presence in our neighborhoods, We complain about schools, but Hillary is vehemently against school choice. We complain about how the government has failed the Black community, but she has a long history of supporting measures that hurt the supposed cause.

Rant over…For now…