I’ve wondered why the left hates CEO’s and I’ve come to the following conclusions:

There’s a general lack of understanding of the difficulties in running a business and the responsibility involved.
There’s an ignorance of how truly expendable a CEO is from a business standpoint.

People often picture the worst manager they’ve had and envision them as a CEO. The reality is, that person would never rise to that role. 

Detractors don’t see that, as in every aspect of leadership, failure is not an option

Liberals seem to think that it is a plush position that is held by a fat cat. A job that anyone could do and is somehow reserved for a few in the upper echelon.

The reality is that it is extremely rare and difficult to get to the level of corporate CEO.

It takes more work than 99% of business people are willing or even capable of doing.

Getting to that level, takes being able to endure the cutthroat ruthlessness of people in that world.

The biggest part of that position is that of which most aren’t aware of or can even conceive the weight of.


There’s no more stressful position in the work world then knowing everyone partnered with and under you is relying on you and has stock and livelihood that relies on the decisions you make on a daily basis.

These are people that, for the most part, are brilliant men/women who can cite a complete understanding of everything happening within their business, while simultaneously creating ways to improve upon the results according to building comp. as well as projecting growth and acting in ways to adjust in fluid atmospheres as to not disrupt output under intense deadlines and expectations of shareholders and or boards.

These are the people who are not only the face of a company/product, but are THE fall guy should there be failure.

With this in mind, people must understand that the pay must be able to supplement you should your tenure not pan out for both parties. Your incentives should match the risk and potential ceiling involved in the position taken. Your name and reputation are at stake. A lot of times the company is pursuading someone to come out of retirement or from a more comfortable position with another company. Wages have to be matched and raised in order to entice the successful leaders to take that risk of change. All parties are aware of the amounts of money it takes, despite the spin thrown out daily, is not a negative thing.  This is called demand. Quality leaders will always be needed. The root of the animosity toward these people is usually that of ignorance and or envy.

There is currently a movement in Seattle to actually tax companies that they feel pay their CEO’s “too much.” This is an extraordinary miscalculation and an example of a socialist style, economic engineering in which there can be no upside. This will have catastrophic consequences for the people of Washington. They’ve already passed a mandate on the minimum wage to $15. The impact of that increase is highly debatable. What is not debatable is the massive increase in research designed to offset the price mandates and new taxes being placed at businesses in the U.S. There’s an article in Newsweek about the exciting new artificial intelligence coming soon to an economy near you. Mandated increases of costs and tax hikes will, undoubtedly, hurt all governments that insist that they can control and redistribute prosperity. Hopefully their constituents notice what they are doing and act before we have a nationwide Detroit situation all over again. 

This is why they hate CEO’s and you always hear ‘big’ corporations are evil. They don’t realize that those are the cogs that make our nation operate. They think jobs magically appear when these companies leave. They think of corporations and a being instead of a machine that is solely in existence to make money. Not help it’s workers live well, not to help the country succeed. Everything has to have profit as an end goal, otherwise it is not a successful business model.

Governments introducing agreements like NAFTA over allowing capitalism to work don’t seem to learn from mistakes made, even in recent history. The United States government has a responsibility to ensure its civilians are protected and should be working in our best interests, not making deals in order to help other countries compete with us. There has to be something in it that is beneficial to our nation when drafting trade deals. That’s what makes it a deal! Giving away our jobs in the name of capitalism is not capitalism…And these are the people determining who and what should pay and be paid to boost our economy? They have not been afforded by the U.S. Constitution to determine how the economy should be allowed to produce. The free market determines pay as a result of demand, not bureaucrats. Them having the power to pick winners and losers is an oligarchical, tyrannical, scary, scary thought.