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Marvel Movies Vs DC Movies

Here’s my take on why Marvel movies are better than recent DC movies Origins. Marvel Comics invests in their characters, for the most part, which in turn makes us care about them. They also invested in effects. Because Marvel is more effects based, if DC Comics were to compete using stories, they have to explain […]

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Atheism vs Theism

This YouTube video is one that I’ve watched, in full, more than once. It’s a debate of atheism vs faith. In particular, the Christian faith. This is a fascinating look at something that, literally, millions of people grapple with, but aren’t NEARLY as equipped to articulate themselves as Christopher Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza on the topic. […]

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Sorry. I’m no Republican…

People seem to think I’m a Republican based on my Facebook posts… I’m not. While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, by any means, Politically, I’m closer to Dr. Michael Savage then I am anything. I’m a true Conservative Independent. I don’t care for most in the Republican Party, because they don’t stick to their platform and continue […]

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Evil CEO’s

I’ve wondered why the left hates CEO’s and I’ve come to the following conclusions: There’s a general lack of understanding of the difficulties in running a business and the responsibility involved. There’s an ignorance of how truly expendable a CEO is from a business standpoint. People often picture the worst manager they’ve had and envision […]

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