Racially Speaking

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Convenient Racism

I got home from work and I see & hear “Megyn Kelly, in the hot seat for racist remarks!” I tell my wife a day or two later in the car that I heard Megyn was in trouble and she says “yeah I heard it. I think it was stupid.” She found it for me […]

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The NFL??? REALLY???

1st the people who hated what Colin Kaepernick did protested, then him not getting a job caused counter protesting. The NFL WILL NOT recover if they continue to allow politics into their sport. Because of media induced political correctness, people in 2017 are now hesitant to praise the US, because they seem to feel that […]

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Black Sellouts. Who Are They?

Mantan Moreland Stepin’ Fetchit Willie Best These were performers/”comedians” who made fun of stereotypes about Black people and are historically deemed and referenced as sellouts. Why? They were Black people in a time where the word nigger was the norm and no one could openly voice opposition to racism without facing potentially lethal consequences. They […]

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Sorry. I’m no Republican…

People seem to think I’m a Republican based on my Facebook posts… I’m not. While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, by any means, Politically, I’m closer to Dr. Michael Savage then I am anything. I’m a true Conservative Independent. I don’t care for most in the Republican Party, because they don’t stick to their platform and continue […]

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