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Black Sellouts. Who Are They?

Mantan Moreland Stepin’ Fetchit Willie Best These were performers/”comedians” who made fun of stereotypes about Black people and are historically deemed and referenced as sellouts. Why? They were Black people in a time where the word nigger was the norm and no one could openly voice opposition to racism without facing potentially lethal consequences. They […]

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A Fall From Fox

How is it possible that a man like Bill O’Reilly is taken off the air the way that he was? The Allred’s parade a client who alleged that she was harassed and that’s enough to end decades of a mans massive media career? I’m fully aware of the settlements, but those were just that…Settled. Both […]

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Sorry. I’m no Republican…

People seem to think I’m a Republican based on my Facebook posts… I’m not. While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, by any means, Politically, I’m closer to Dr. Michael Savage then I am anything. I’m a true Conservative Independent. I don’t care for most in the Republican Party, because they don’t stick to their platform and continue […]

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****HERE IS MY WARNING TO ALL “PROTESTING” LIBERALS**** This is the only warning you’ll get because you’re ensuring a 2nd term for President Trump and I’m fine with that. You are INCREASING the Presidents base. You’re probably snickering at the thought of what I just said, but I’m telling you, blindly opposing everything before even […]

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