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Which One Is It?

Accusations are being lobbed from the left and I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep up with their moral outrage. I’m going to ask the same question after some examples of the outrage that liberals have been displaying. The political climate in America, right now is being addressed differently from the following angles: […]

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Convenient Racism

I got home from work and I see & hear “Megyn Kelly, in the hot seat for racist remarks!” I tell my wife a day or two later in the car that I heard Megyn was in trouble and she says “yeah I heard it. I think it was stupid.” She found it for me […]

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The NFL??? REALLY???

1st the people who hated what Colin Kaepernick did protested, then him not getting a job caused counter protesting. The NFL WILL NOT recover if they continue to allow politics into their sport. Because of media induced political correctness, people in 2017 are now hesitant to praise the US, because they seem to feel that […]

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A Message From Conservatives To Republicans

Dear Republicans,   You’ve been infiltrated. Not by us, but by Liberals and you’ve been too blind and celebratory in our allowing you to win, that you think the money grabbing will continue to be allowed. Your swamp is and will be drained no matter how hard you guys try to stop what we’ve done […]

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