Musically Speaking

Random music talk


“As I walk through Brooklyn, Compton or whatever,I wonder why black folks don’t wanna stick together. We talk about justice, and how little we get, yet black men be killin’ black men for talkin’ shit… (right… Right…) (“Here’s the one, that one that always talkin’ shit…”) [gun shots] How in the hell we supposed to […]

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#LyricsStillMatter – A Hip Hop Intro To Me

Before I start┬átalking about lyrics and my Hip Hop background, I’ll let some greats speak their minds on a truly great lyricist who took the torch. I’ve been a Hip Hop head since around 1984 when I heard La Di Da Di, then Dah-ha Dah-ha, then It’s Like That. I soaked it all in […]

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My Music. My Cultural Upbrining

***WARNING** **This will be the worlds longest run on sentence** For a little insight into my music and cultural influences. There won’t be much punctuation, FYI I was raised in an old school Hip Hop, 80`s and 90`s breakdancin/gangstarr/slick rick/fat boys/DOC/low end theory/crush groove/kid capri/watermelon/let the rythm hit`em/boogie down/niggaz4life/too short/the afros/packetman/earth wind & fire/pharcyde/voltron/young mc/black […]

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