Artistically Speaking

Rambling and links about art, that I enjoy or create

Marvel Movies Vs DC Movies

Here’s my take on why Marvel movies are better than recent DC movies Origins. Marvel Comics invests in their characters, for the most part, which in turn makes us care about them. They also invested in effects. Because Marvel is more effects based, if DC Comics were to compete using stories, they have to explain […]

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My Artwork

I’ve been drawing all of my life. Check out some of my work from over the years at the following link

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Stand up

Here’s the problem I have with that guy with over $100,000,000 sitting out as his form of protest. He’s living proof of the OPPOSITE of oppression. The fact that he’s able to sit as a choice COMPLETELY contradicts his protest of an oppressive nation…An oppressive nation like Cuba (led by Castro, who was on his […]

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