Mantan Moreland

Stepin’ Fetchit

Willie Best

These were performers/”comedians” who made fun of stereotypes about Black people and are historically deemed and referenced as sellouts. Why? They were Black people in a time where the word nigger was the norm and no one could openly voice opposition to racism without facing potentially lethal consequences. They were also completely unaware or willing to humiliate us all by mocking an entire race of people. Their own people..To please the White audiences..Sounds like the Liberal Left of today, doesn’t it?

What better way is there to insult Black people than to get people to do it to themselves? Keeping Black people down by convincing them with actors that they are a lower class is the ultimate form of humiliation, because it is done on a mass scale. The racism and bigotry of low expectations. 

This method is not gone. We are in 2017, over 180 years after Minstrel shows, & we have Hollywood elites and a left wing media, openly perpetuating stereotypes of Black people as unable to be individualists without the need to use black face. 

We need permission from Hollywood to have an opinion. If you do not agree with the Hollywood left’s portrayal of “activism” or how we “should” feel ourselves, we are immediately condemned by White leftists and their Black followers as not authentic
While I laugh at this insanely ironic situation we find ourselves in, I’m EXTREMELY concerned and disappointed with the left wing Black people that have fully bought in to this horribly oppressive way of thinking and living.

What am I talking about?

The left (Democrat Party derived) are the ones who CREATED the KKK. They are the ones who shed blood and fought a war to enslave Black people. They are the ones who lynched Black men, fire hosed Black people in the streets, sent attack dogs after innocent people, broke families apart, voted against civil rights for millions of Black Americans.


These are the people who are now actively attempting to rewrite history as if someone else is the perpetrator of their historical evil actions. They’re constantly reminding us of Jim Crow, without telling us who wrote Black Codes. People who read history know the Democrats created those laws to hold an entire race down and control them. It became clear once the strategy of institutional racism was in danger. The plan was at risk of folding so they decided to take a different approach. 


Tell them it wasn’t them, it was a mythical rich, White man. While they are repented, all White people, even those on the winning and right side of history must bend the knee. Turn it into a class war instead of calling it what it is…History. We’re at the point where far too many young Black people don’t consider that the very people they’re aligned with are the ones who’ve always held them back. They’re blindly following their enemy with absolutely no reason to trust the voice they’re chanting with. There couldn’t be a worse group of people to walk side by side with. There couldn’t be a more oppressive group of people to protest, side by side, with. These are people who challenge opposition with violence and have swapped out White hoods with black masks

These Black followers are so willing to accept the massah’s narrative that they literally turn on ALL Black men and women who disagree with their racist leaders point of view. 

Allen West? Self loathing

Omarosa? Self hater

Colin Powell? Hated unless he speaks out against conservative opposition to President Obama. Then he’s great

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas? Evil 

Dr. Condi Rice? Not Black enough

Dr. Ben Carson? Sell out

Here’s the problem with that line of demagoguery. These people couldn’t have more troubled, challenege filled, racially charged upbringings, with extremely extraordinary accomplishments. They couldn’t be further from the names they’re called, but they just so happen to want to open their people’s eyes to the enemy of our race. Progressive, Liberal Democrats. The same enemy that’s been around since the founding of our great nation.

We’ve stuped to a new low. Sports stars like Ray Lewis, Mike Vick, Jerome Harrison, Etc. are now being referred to by Black and White people as coons…COONS!  They don’t even know the derivative of that slur and shouldn’t even be able to bring their selves to repeat it toward their own race.

For disagreeing in the method or protest and advising former NFL player Colin Kaepernick to go about his protest differently, we are now turning ourselves against formerly heroic figures and calling them the ugliest thing possible, simply to avoid having to argue a point. 

To avoid the single most basic primal, right….the ability to think. 

Instead of formulating and articulating a problem they have, they refuse to even listen to opposition and they dance to the beat of their leaders racist drums, willing to turn on their brethren at the drop of a dime…If they dare be a free thinker, they need to be destroyed at all costs, while the name callers are intentionally hoppin’ and skippin’ along with Stepin’ like movements…Like slaves doing as they’re told….Good house negros, keeping their own minds shut while lashing out at the free men who are able to actually speak out against the owners and establishment. While you’d say “I deserve a piece of the American pie” or “I’ve earned a piece of the pie,” I say “I’ve made my American pie and will continue to do so for my family for as long as I’m able.”

They HATE the free Black man’s ability to do for self, rely on no one but family, succeed, invest in their children, work hard, and never ask for a handout. They HATE personal responsibility, accountability, and self sufficiency, because it’s a primal precursor to a strong base of society that pulls people from the grasp of puppet master, like, tyranny.

No one is feared more than the Black independent man, with zero need for government assistance, a mind of his own, and the lack of fear it takes to speak up against all fake “helpers.” We ask questions while the sellouts defend their owners points of view and nod blindly at the talking point that’s literally designed to keep us dependent on their free food and free money. The worst thing about all of it is that you’re willing to delete all of the literal blood sweat and tears that I’ve worked toward, fought for and against, and dismiss it as “given” to me due to selling out or conformity. Did I confirm or did I work through adversity? Did I sell out or did I work out? Can you say the same or would you have to say that you’re “hustling? Or can’t overcome obstacles because you’re being “held back?” That’s when I work harder. That’s when you give up and do what is expected of you…Fail…

How did they unknowingly sell out, you ask?

  • They choose an allegiance to reliance over the women of our race
  • They choose to hear “it’s okay we know what’s best for you more than you do”
  • They choose to focus on a couple hundred racist White Nazi sympathizers, but ignore hundreds of thousands who died for our rights. That’s not enough. Bend the knee
  • They choose to keep our kids out of better schools while destroying babies futures
  • They choose side with the people who enslaved us
  • They choose hysteria over debate
  • They choose to openly ignore Black on Black genocide in replacement for an anti-police sentiment to cause even more young Black men to be hurt
  • They accept White people like Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal who lied about being Black simply because they agree with causes they endorse & ignore that everything they say is premised on the sources lies, identity, and cultural appropriation
  • They choose to complain about a White establishment in lieu of young Black children growing up with enlightened, involved, and present Black men as role models
  • They choose to allow every other hyphenated special interest group to take precedence over their own peoples livelihoods
  • They choose to complain about Colin Kaepernick while not knowing who Cecilia Braekhus is or Ann Wolfe was
  • They sympathize for the so called school to prison pipeline while not uttering a single word about the teenage young Black women being left to fend for themselves by a culture of irresponsibility

You’ve been duped…

      Stop contributing to the demise of our culture, get rid of the hyphens, learn to be strong men and women and stop relying on the people you’re supposedly looking for an apology from. Embrace Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of judging everyone, “not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”