This YouTube video is one that I’ve watched, in full, more than once. It’s a debate of atheism vs faith. In particular, the Christian faith. This is a fascinating look at something that, literally, millions of people grapple with, but aren’t NEARLY as equipped to articulate themselves as Christopher Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza on the topic. As an agnostic person, I was surprised to learn so much from watching these debates, because I learned that I fall far more in line with the faithful than with the so called, skeptic.

I’ve watched all of D’Souza’s religion debates (hours of video) and they have me more comfortable in my journey back toward Christianity, because he showed me that you don’t have to do what so many had to when I’d ask genuine, but pointed questions over the years. He does not have to quote the Bible to articulate and defend his faith. Not that it needs defending, but I couldn’t grasp, millions of people’s faiths, being based on the story telling of one book. A book created as a translation from several other books, derived from the commissioning of a king. (Fascinating story on its own)

Nothing could be more important as not solely relying on quotes from the Bible, to a person who operates on pure logic and is naturally circumspect. Incidental observations, assertions, and quotes can turn off people who seek guidance or information on any topic.

An atheist can enjoy this as well, but I truly believe that D’Souza WILL earn your respect, as he can argue the skepticism and science just as good as ANYone while proving to the faithful that the two can easily and more importantly, logically coexist.