This is my 1st time attempting to gather my thoughts in a structured, coherent way, with the intent of sharing my very strong, but well thought out opinions with others. While I do post on Facebook, I think an audience of family and friends is basically preaching to the choir. They’ve all known me most of my life and can tune me out if they disagree. Someone coming to this site may be looking to hear a different point of view or to stare at me like an odd science project that can’t be figured out. Some of my positions may mirror other voices out there, but none of those people have lived the life that I have or had the same experiences that I have. I provide a different take, based on a very different upbringing that I may chronicle at a later date.

I truly believe the message of individualism can reach a broader group of people who don’t just want “dialogue,” but want to discuss actual solutions to the very, very, very troublesome violence in Black communities across America. We are in a virtual state of emergency. Hopefully I can posit ideas that resonate with a few, who can then share with others.

On the surface my words may seem contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. My opinions/stances would make more sense if you ever read up on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of ObjectivismI don’t believe there is a stronger advocate for personal responsibility and I don’t think there is a better answer for success.