Sky’s the limit when Black people wake up from modern day slavery. The Democrat Party has enslaved the entire Black community since the party’s founding. Throughout the 19th Century and through the 20th the Democrat Party not only supported slavery, but it outright opposed every Civil Rights reform brought forth in effort to free and make Black people equal citizens. Every time I hear Black people offer opinions of how “America” treated Black people and discussing Separate But Equal/Jim Crow etc… I try to tell them that it was not the country, it was a single party that refused to allow the playing field to be opened up. It always has been. This isn’t a story or how I feel. This is an absolute, historic FACT. Thomas Jefferson founded an opposing party which focused on limited government because he feared a bounce back of any kind of monarchy. This led to a Republican Party member named James Madison’s drafting of a legislation called the Bill of Rights in the late 1700’s. This later became the key to the Civil Rights Movement that ultimately lead to Black people’s true freedom and all of the rights we enjoy today,

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Throughout the 1800’s Democrats literally fought a man named Abraham Lincoln and his anti-slavery Republican Party to keep the status quo of repression via legislation and even in an all out War Between The States. Had they had their way…well…no need to go down that road.

In the late 1800’s Democrats openly snubbed the 15th Amendment and continued to oppress using Black Codes. into the early 1900’s, expansion of govt became the Democrats new focus. The ultra progressive, globalist, Woodrow Wilson paved the way for eventual massive responses to the Great Depression by Roosevelt. Realizing that there was an eventuality to Civil Rights for people of color, John Kennedy made very open appeals to the people of the country that change and patriotism was needed, then came the infamous LBJ presidency. The time where everyone thinks the Democrat Party magically “switched” from being racists and became the crusaders of civil rights. The reality was they were fighting a losing battle for 100’s of years and he figured out a way to achieve the same result, using a different method. Embrace the race, promise results, and use platitudes. He passed a civil rights act in the 60’s and made us all believe that it wasn’t a policy that directly conflicted with the parties entire history while calling us niggers. The man who famously said “I’ll have niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” This is vehemently debated by Democrats, it’s not outside of the norm in how he spoke at all as illustrated in this recording of him.

It’s also on record when Robert Dallek said Johnson defended the Supreme Court appointment of Thurgood Marshall by saying to a staff member, “Son, when I appoint a nigger to the court, I want everyone to know he’s a nigger.” Now we’re supposed to think that that was just how he talked….Right? This is the man who created a thing called “positive discrimination” which later became affirmative action.

LBJ has been attributed as being a pioneer in understanding the value of the countries demographics and more importantly the value of the vote of someone who has something to directly gain from election results. Give them just enough stuff and they’ll feel as if you are their champion and always leave room for more stuff so you can promise that next cycle. This is still the politics of today. While the right attempts to stay away from identity politics, the left not only embraces it, but they created it and year after year attempt to force the right into doing it as well…Because the platform of the right is the polar opposite of govt programs and expansion they can not make the promises that the left does. This causes a calloused appearance and a lack of empathy, despite their platform having more positive life incentives for the Black demo.

Fast forward to today. Think about the elected official and who’s been in “power” of your neighborhood/city. Are taxes through the roof? Crime rates ridiculous? Is your city segregated? Drugs and gangs taking over? Playgrounds look like homeless infested tetanus threats for your kids? If so, there’s an EXTREMELY high chance that your city is being run by a Democrat.

Go ahead. Research it.
Q: How long has your neighborhood been the way it is? Why hasn’t it been fixed since the last election cycle?

A: Because if things get fixed, what’s left to promise the community?

Obviously this doesn’t apply, nor does it hurt all Black people, but the welfare system that has been in place for decades was specifically designed to reward failure and take away rewards based on success, using redistribution of others gains. It’s a design to create reliance and kill will. (Although the designers purpose may have had positive intent, the result is detrimental to all of society) As recently as 2014 The current Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton said great things about Robert Byrd. Yes…Robert Byrd the former Grand Dragon of KKK! But don’t worry. This great man denounced the KKK despite that being his intro into politics and filibustering LBJ’s aforementioned Civil Rights Act of ’64, before learning what the actual political plan for Black people was.

I can keep going, but I won’t. I’ll leave it at this. Either we can knock the dirt off of the bottoms of our shoes and move forward or we can sit back and enjoy the ride that a political party allows us to have. One thing is for sure, history won’t change. People always talk about not forgetting our pasts, just make sure you know what that past is and who were the ones facilitating it, because around 95% of all Black people who do vote, vote for their historic oppressors then complain to their freedom fighters about how bad you’ve had it for centuries. Time to get to work and support our families. Time to get out of the situations that do more harm than good. Time to be an example to young Black men and show them how we’re supposed to live. Failure doesn’t have to be an option, it just is one.