I’m going to steal an Adam Carolla American pie analogy here and expand it a little.

The American Pie isn’t finite. In this country we have the opportunity to make as many of our own pies as we want with hard work and any recipe we can invent. The left is acting as if there’s only one and White people are hoarding and eating it all, not “leaving any for the rest of us.”
A free market means you’re free to market anything so long as there’s a buyer to what you’re selling and you can sustain selling it. You succeed or fail based on the merit of your idea and worth. People living in a socialist, entitlement mindset don’t understand how capitalism works or are looking to destroy it. They either despise or have no idea what this country was founded upon nor what it means to be self made. There are two sides on the attack. One is ignorant and can be influenced, while the other is fully knowledgeable and dangerously trying to divide and conquer.

Most seek to hide or simply aren’t aware of the negative impact that the breakdown of the Black family has had on employment, education, and how the eventual result has been high crime and poverty in our neighborhoods. Worst of all too many operate under the assumption that wealthy (White) people come from “old money,” and didn’t have to work or earn what they’ve amassed. Instead of addressing peoples failures in society, they continue to keep putting out a ‘don’t worry it’s not your behavior that drives results/consequences’ narrative. They’re all privileged into success.’ It’s so absurd, insulting, anti-personal responsibility, & destructive to Black people and our future if we allow that thought process to influence our work ethic.

The thought that we are fully incapable of success, because our auto-failure has been predetermined by far gone history, is not only damaging to communities, but a form of mental slavery that finds entire segments of the country’s population taking themselves out of the workforce and society and thinking that “surviving” or “hustling” are the only options. People’s will and pride are being destroyed.

There’s a false axiom and constant bombardment that parties of the government will somehow be able to uplift us with programs designed to pay people and keep them at the lowest poverty levels humanely possible and reliant on ‘help.’