Valerie Jarrett said something really, really odd. She called President Barrack Obama’s Administration “scandal free.” Wow……

Here’s a couple of things she may have forgotten about:


(Who pushed the video?)

Veterans Affairs deaths

NSA spying

James Rosen and his family targeted by illegal wire taps 

IRS targeting of conservatives 

(Not a smidgen of evidence) 

The MASSIVE partisan implementation of Obamacare sold on three points…

If you like your insurance you can keep it

Premiums will go down

We have to pass it in order to find out what’s in it…

Iran deal giving nuclear capabilities because of horrible oversight and verification timelines. 

Secret negotiations with Iran concluding, coincidentally, with a release of terror hostages on the same day as pallets of cash were delivered

Secret negotiations and prisoner trade for a traitorous military deserter

Operation Fast & Furious

The United States Attorney General being held in contempt for antics during the congressional investigation of Fast & Furious

Obama emailing Clinton on her non govt email after saying he never knew about it

DNC rigging an election against their own primary candidate to shoo in Hillary Clinton. Chairpeople giving questions to specific debate candidates while then going on to call for action against Russia for supposedly interfering with our election

Secret Service buying hookers in South America

Green energy companies like 

Solyndra robbing Americans blind through fake 

green energy “stimulus.” 

Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are still unaccounted for…

EPA poisoning of the Colorado River

The list literally goes on and on, but I believe my point has been made. Hopefully you were able to navigate the dozens of links that provide some flashback news and didn’t miss some because there are so many different sources…

The arrogance in calling this a scandal free administration is astounding.