Dear Republicans,

  You’ve been infiltrated. Not by us, but by Liberals and you’ve been too blind and celebratory in our allowing you to win, that you think the money grabbing will continue to be allowed. Your swamp is and will be drained no matter how hard you guys try to stop what we’ve done for you. 

  The reason I’d never be one of you is because of your inability to see through frauds. You don’t demand anything from your “leaders” who put up establishment, crony, money grabbing, hacks, simply so that you can enjoy undeserved and unearned wins that you greedily and short sidedly squander, because of your lack of foresight. 

  You will get what you deserve. 

  You can’t get any legislation done, because of the lobby committed thieves that you continue to offer up as we’ve done all of the work and generated turnout that has handed you election after election over the last 3 cycles.

  As you can see, the Democrats are fully committed to identity politics and will further sink their ship calling everyone who disagrees with them racist. While this has tv and ratings appeal, it is a losing strategy that will quite possibly end their chances of winning a meaningful election until well after President Trumps 2nd term. They are clueless as to the pulse of the nation and are literally (and critically) mistaking the fed up, lower to middle class, with racists who are suddenly rearing their heads. While I laugh at their incredibly out of touch political minds, I will offer you this.

You have a choice:

1-Put the following Liberals up for re-election and lose all of your seats 

2-Put up conservatives and get our turnout.

  I know it will be awkward and less rewarding to not be able to look forward to being able to retire a  millionaire off of a $175k a year, but imagine being able to say that you did your job? Imagine being able to know that you didn’t skim money from taxpayers and actually did your job in which you only work just over half of the year? Imagine going to Washington and doing what you promised to do? Monitarily it won’t be lucrative, but it’s not chump change. You can retire with a soul and know that you served your purpose and served your country without illicit gains.

  If you want us conservatives to allow you to keep the Senate, you guys have to dump the following Senators:

John McCain of Arizona 

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee

Shelley Moore Capito of W.Va.

Susan Collins of Maine

Dean Heller of Nevada 

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Rob Portman of Ohio

Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Speaker of Kentucky

Also, dump this guy. He’s a fraud who sold his soul to the swamp machine…

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan of Wisconsin


~A Deplorable, Independent Tea Party Conservative