How is it possible that a man like Bill O’Reilly is taken off the air the way that he was? The Allred’s parade a client who alleged that she was harassed and that’s enough to end decades of a mans massive media career? I’m fully aware of the settlements, but those were just that…Settled.

Both sides agreed that the compensation was fair for whatever claims were made against him and the incident was done. Did he not deserve a chance to defend himself? If you look at the Bill Cosby type of situations that happen, where the tally of allegations kept compounding, you can understand how people can come to conclusions about validity. This is something different. These are left wing attorneys, Liberal accusers. They immediately tried to go after another big name at the network and changed her tune quickly when he hired some top tier lawyers to sue her. Her claims were unfounded and she knew it so she had to pull back her defamatory claims.

When there is a historical motive that should at least raise the bar of investigation. It doesn’t discredit the claims, but should require more scrutiny because of the conflict of interest, in my opinion. 

As Dr. Michael Savage said, ‘how is it that we offer terrorists in America due process, but a man like O’Reilly gets thrown off the air without a word or defense?’ 

What’s going on here?

Liberals cheered when President Obama said he wanted GITMO terrorists to stand trial. Those same Liberals are now cheering for O’Reilly being fired. They’re mocking him while he has no platform to defend himself. The hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING. While I really should be used to it, I can’t. I believe most people are decent and intellectually honest enough to put ideology aside, when they aren’t I lose respect for them and everything that comes out of their mouths. They think they’re pointing out O’Reilly’s supposed hypocrisy, but they hold his accuser to a zero standard of evidence. Instead it appears that they put the burden on him to provide proof of innocence. I’m not sure they even want to hear that. It’s as un-American as it gets and we watched it as the left paraded, gleefully, his Fox News downfall. 

It’s sad. 

It’s embarrassing. 

It’s a shame.

He was literally on vacation and came back to no job. He said he had no idea what happened until the decision was already made. 

Again, I’ll ask, how is that possible? 
I understand the left hates Fox News, but this is clearly a witch hunt.

*Let me be clear*
I am NOT defending or making a case about whether the claims are true or false. I’m simply saying that a response should be allowed before something so drastic as the #1 news personality in cable news history being fired. He deserves more than the simple statement Fox News provided his viewers. We deserve more than that. It’s the least they could do. 

I saw Kirsten Powers explain her issue with him and it was nonsense. Her experience had nothing to do with the supposed reasons that Mr. O’Reilly was fired, but was merely that she didn’t like how he addressed another guest. It was based on how he spoke to someone else and how that made her ‘feel.’ You’d think she’s not an adult, but a 3rd grader who couldn’t handle a joke and took it literally. She held that grudge for THREE YEARS. Who really has the problem in that scenario? I’d be willing to guess that that is the reason Mr. O’Reilly refused to apologize. There was no need, in his mind and most mature, objective adults. When she got over it, she returned to his show and she said they got along just fine.

The fact that they didn’t do the viewership the courtesy of allowing someone, if not him, to voice his side shows that Fox News isn’t fair and balanced after all. While he is a little right of center, Bill O’Reilly’s analysis is always fair and balanced. He may get heated, but it’s never over a disagreement, it’s over his opposition not answering a question, lying, being intellectually dishonest, and or filibustering a segment. 

He has people dislike him on the right and left. The left hates his blunt no nonsense, unapologetic non-politically correct style. The right hates that they always feel he wouldn’t come all the way over on some issues. He sticks to his guns no matter who yells in outrage and that’s how you know you’re one of two things:

1-A total flip flopping hack with no conviction
2-Fair enough that it upsets both sides

A total hack doesn’t pull in the ratings numbers nor do they have best seller after best seller, over 20 years time, so the latter must be true.
I’m very disappointed in Fox News. I’ll be subscribing to The Factor Premium membership and Mr. O’Reilly has already transitioned straight into the live and video podcasting world. He may lose some Fox viewers, but his following will grow, because now there are zero on-air programs that can honestly be objective in their analysis of issues of the day.

I love watching Tucker Carlson demolish bad arguments. I like that The Five always offers multiple opinions, but there will be a huge hole and a stain on the entire network. Jessie Watters is the new target and the horrible weak Fox Execs are caving like Afghan caves after an MOAB drop.